Human Race We Are

Human Race We Are

(c) Leo G Campbell 9/23/2020 4/4/2015

Human Race We Are

To Be Mean More Bound

Less The Tougher Or Eviler

We’ve Seen, So

– We Are The Human Race –

SomeDayers Visiting, SpaceGoers Out To

Stranger New Lands Posessing – Try

To Sly Obsessively To We

You Always Failed So

In This Now, Oh Where

Shall You – Your Turn – Flee

Not Begin Again Upon


Adrift America

Adrift America

(c) Leo G Campbell 9/23/2020 4/2015

Adrift America

Meaning So… Well

Carrying On


Drifting By…


Cute Pretty I

Lie Lie Lie

Cities Burgs SubUrbs Orgs

Orps Dork

Ork Me

Rural Too Eh –

Cow Shit Horse

Cars With Driven MotherFuckers

And… Coarse


Fuck’n AAA

Eh… Aieee

Dancing For Fun

Inn Th’ Nude I Mean






Adrift America Shooulde

Could” Coulda



Shrouded With Bloody


Hallowed Ground

To The Hun USSR Coming At Mee


Might Ought Cum Fought With

Outta Th’ Sun

Fuck’n AAA

Ack Ack Ack


Har Hum

Cum Fought With

Hun Fun’n Sons Kill’n

We Forgotten

How It’s Done We

How Do We

Bury Our Un Kin Own

Kim Jun UnIn

Deep Down

I Mean… Turning Away Seeing

The Real

Our Electricity

Sanctify City Rural

Shy Why We

Don’t Ask Much Why…

Mebbee Rural…

Energy Runs Electricity

Fuck It Then Nuke It

Fun Comes Outta The Sun

Adrift America

Nothing Christ Could Have Said

Nothing Christ Could Have Said

(c) Leo G Campbell 9/23/2020 4/12/2015

Nothing Christ Could Have Said

Feeling, Nearingly, Dead

Still Say

“As I Have Done I

Have Here –

I Know, Feelingly,

Try To –

Listen To Me

As I Die, My Father Is Here

As I Go –

Curtains Open,

Ring Close My Father’s House

Split, Out

Not Denied To The Son Of God

You Know I

Am He

As I Die –

Love Me”

Father’s Temple’s Curtains Slide

Ring Open Stood Silent Then

Ripp’d Cleanly

Mostly To


Honor Where It Can Be Worn

Honor Where It Can Be Worn

(c) Leo G Campbell 9/23/2020 4/01/2015

Honor Where It Can Be Worn

Humans, Angels, God –

Deeds Of Choice, Have Done

To Someone –

Deeds Of Choosing


Rape, Killing

So Many Other Harms

Humans Do –

True In A Name Of Love

To ThemSelves –

True To A Real Love

Given Freely

Only To Another –

Angels Too

Need Honor

To Wear As Done – Duties, Other Deeds

Reach Deeply To Display What

Angels Need To Do

To Have Too

Honor Where It Can Be Worn

Shall We Wait And See

Honor Worn By Angels

Describe It To Me

As Angels Be

Emily Dickinson, Please Dear –

Emily Dickinson, Please Dear –

(c) Leo G Campbell 9/23/2020 4/24/2015

Emily Dickinson, Please Dear –

You Write So Well, Some In A Time –

Alone Along As You Do

So True – I Admire You

Parting Love –

To Know All I Need

Of Heaven

Of Hell

I Guess Neither One Of Us

Know Either Of Them


One Of Your Perfect Poetry


Starve To Desire

Starve To Desire

(c) Leo G Campbell 9/23/2020

Starve To Desire


To Needing Them –

To Preach To –

The Choir

Listen To Them


An Angels Spiritual

Winging It…

Starving To Desire

What Do The Angels Want…


Can Light Their…


As Supposed

Exposed Things

Even If True…

The Choir Still Now

Starved To Desire

Needing You

‘Electric Pink’ Color ?

‘Electric Pink’ Color?

(c) Leo G Campbell       9/19/2020

‘Electric Pink’ Color?

Electric “Salmon”   Electric “Beige”  Electric “Amber”

Electro – “Cuted Salamander” ?

And… Other

Energy Select Electric Selects

All You Want To

Move Over



Some Lovely

Colors Of

The Rain Bow – Take A Bow


Zone Where

Zone Where

(c) Leo G Campbell       9/22/2020

Zone Where

God Bless You

‘Cause I Like You – Only


Every Body

Didn’t Agree There


Listen To The Rain –

Drops Whilst They

Whish By –

Down – Swish –


Hurricane ing Dancing

Listen To The Rain

The Sideways Rain Zone


Always Here

At Home

In The Rain

Drop Down

Creeping So Wetly…  In…

Things Happen There

Zone Where