Last Human Laughing

Last Human Laughing

(c) Leo G Campbell       2/22/2020       2/20/2020

Last Human Laughing

God’s Ending Our World

God’s Ending The World

Our World

Was, Seat ed, Satt ed:

Watching From

A Hole

White Light’d Bottom’d

Sole ly

Very Far Away

Long Ago, So Far –

To This – Last… Day

I Cannot Hear

But I Listen To Where

All In Rhyme

For We Are


Out Of… Time ly

I Hear Madame Justice

No Longer Blind ly

Seeing Sublime ly:


God’s End Of Our World

God’s Ending The World

Our World

Last Human Laughing:

“I Look

See Ever Body Go ing…

They –

Went ing – Just

Loook’n At Me… Why…

For Their Tomorrow zs…

So Well Then

Give’m 1945 Hell When,

Harry Tee Dropp’n Th’

EverLov’n Hiroshima’ n

Nagasaki’ n “A” Bomb –

1945 ‘r 2020



Ever’ One’s Been Done…

& Gone

Th’ Last Man Laughing

Tears Streaming


“Live Living Fire

O Where Were You There

To Find To Show Us

For – To… Finally See

Th’ Differences ‘Tween Here…

There & Pure ly Fire…


Real Real ity Reality ity

God’s End Of Our World

God’s Ending The World

Our World

Dance A… Fugue…

Of… Twined, Flaming Tongues

Of Heady, Apostolic Fires Streaking

Out Now – Do A Creeping

They Prance With Each

Claiming Th’ Same – Colored Keeping

Colorations’ Combination zs…

Yellow White & Black Red

Humanity Fires

Orange & Gold Well

Done Flames Flying

Upwards Like Angels

Flying Downwards

Into Hell – Angels Singing

Swinging Those – Fiery Sabrous Swords

Of Song

Last Man Laughing:

“I’ve Sung To The Angels

With My Singing Going

Sort ee – Long…

Eh? – It May Do


The Act Of

“Pigs Flying” Too –

Might Come Along…

A Tiny Fugue, of Time




Into New, Best est,

Song – Whirling… Whirl’d Then

The Best est Song Is Living Here

God’s Done

Now –

Ending Beginning Here

Our World Again.

Beginnings Of Love

Beginnings Of Love

(c) Leo G Campbell       2/18/2020

Beginnings Of Love



Until Somewhere Finally

You See

So Many


Flooding Over Thee

Of He, She, Or Shee – It, Hee –

Sun Sets As It Also

Rises The Dawn

Beginnings Of Love

Enough To Go On

Walkman & Linda Lee

Walkman & Linda Lee

(c) Leo G Campbell       2/18/2020

Walkman & Linda Lee

I Came Ought’a My Car

I Gonna Go In There

Right Now


To The

Conveniences – Store


I Grab A Particular Breww T’ Go –

Six-Pack O’ More

Olymphia’s Or Seattle’s Rainier’s

Fine Beer Cheer –

Linda Lee Standing Weeping

Near To Me

Not Yet –

Dear To Me

In Th’ Middle O’ Th’

Conveniences Store Floor

Her Rent She – Could Not Pay

Oh Not – No Linda Lee

Landlord’s Evict Note

On The, Her Door…

We Stood In Her Rooms Where

“I Shall Kill Me Before – My Lover, She

Goes Away, &

Forsakes… Me”

I Took Knives Of Harm Away

She – Linda Lee Liked My Walkman

Okay To Play & Listen Too

I Gave It To

She I Left Her – There

Stood In Her Rooms Where

Her Rent – She Could Not Pay

So I Went Away To Beering

Myself Away

Phone Ringing Hello

Then Pause –

– “Did You Give – Her – Your Walkman?”

– “For Free? Are You – Leo?”

“Yes. That’s Me.”


She Stood Upon The Ledge

She Stood Upon The Ledge

(c) Leo G Campbell       2/18/2020

She Stood Upon The Ledge

Her Back – ‘Gainst The Wall

Could Not


Very Much Down –

At Her Memories


Weightlessness Going

Beyond Weightful Hateful

Her Reasonably Real Eh

She Did Not Have

A Very

Nice Day

Childhood Decided Reality


Blame Her Father

Wouldn’t You

Bloomberg & Obama – Beat Tr ump

Bloomberg & Obama – Beat Tr ump

(c) Leo G Campbell       2/14/2020

Bloomberg & Obama – Beat Tr ump

Men of Character

Ignore Human Color

“Mud mpy People” Is…

Fat Rump y

Racist Tr ump.

Obama & Bloomberg

Men Of Character

“Yes You Can”

African & Jewish


Defeat & Beat

Fat R ump y

Racist Tr ump

“Tr ump y Th’ CON Man”

Th’ LIAR Tweeter


Will – Always – Teeter


Two Men Of Character

Obama & Bloomberg

Bloomberg & Obama

Will Defeat

Will Beat

Racist Tr rump

Shall Beat & Defeat Tr ump