I’ll Know, When I’ve Seen It…

I’ll Know, When  I’ve Seen It…

(c) Leo G Campbell      8/18/2017

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I’ll Know, When I’ve Seen It…

Please Do Not


Push Past Me

UR Ass Is Crack


Not In Mye

Shite. Hall. Idiot. Trash.

Th’ S.H.I.T.

Trash Neighborhoods


And Truly,

Anywhere Anyway


I’ve Scene’d

My Own Neighbors –

– S.W.O.N. –

ManyMost Are:

– 85% Good

– 13% Neutral – Most Things

– 2% Bad – Total

– Misdemeanor: 60%

– Felony: 39.9 %

– Misc : .001% – Here

– It’s Your Turn: _______ %

You’ll Know, When You Scene It…


S.H.I.T. Happens…

I’ll Know, When I Shee It


Satan’s Temptation Of Virgin Mary

Satan’s Temptation Of Virgin Mary

(c) Leo G Campbell      8/1/2017

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Satan’s Temptation Of Virgin Mary

Could Have Possibly


What Do I Want To

Tempt Mary

To? With? What? Which?

Like You Task Taste

Some Wine

Of Mine…

Drink Of It, Mary Merry

You Shall Forever Be…

Taking Care Of I

Mean U…

The Business Of –

Another Male Child – Mine…

This Time…

Next One, Too…

Mary Virgin I Make

– To So Love You

Rather Than Hate You

Do I Serve The Mother Of God? I Told –

I Said To God, “I Will Not Serve”, Him

Verily I Can Try Responds

To The Varying

Rightful Sounds

“Perhaps I Could Serve You Tho

I Cannot Be Marrying

I Will Not Love You”

Satan’s Temptation Try Of –

The Virgin Mary

So The World Ends

So The World Ends

(c) Leo G Campbell     8/8/2017     3/3/2017

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So The World Ends

– Great

– Nothing This Week

On Video Anyway…

So, The World Ends, Now –

Aintcha Got Friends?

Back Atcha 2 Me –

Well… I Mebbe Got Three

Me U’n Me’n Uncle Bob,

Still In Bed Ain’t Real

Good Sorta’ Feel

More A Grope

She Said

In Glee Gay Catholic Chorale On

Confessions Of

The Day ‘O Th’ Dead

To Them, It Do Not Mean

So Much. So,

The World Ends

It Was Free, See

Wealth – Have You?

Wealth – Have You?

(c) Leo G Campbell     8/16/2017      8/9/2017

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Wealth – Have You?

Only Things Of Good Value

Not Your Wealth Of Hate Too

So What Wealthy Person Kind

Are You As

– What Do Possess You

Own That

Is True Forever To You

– Only You? –

Whut Kind’a


Wealth – Have You?


My Dying Reach, Gasp – To Say

My Dying Reach, Gasp – To Say

(c) Leo G Campbell      8/16/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

My Dying Reach, Gasp – To Say

You Look At Mr

You Know –

Small Pittance

Th’ Depths

O’ Those Th’ Th That Watch Blind



All That Goes

That Way

So Should We ‘O My Soul

Mebbe Say A Reverance –

Mutter, Some

Hinder, P’raps


You Know Least,

I’d ‘Spect So.


Let’s See Test

– Your Reach’n

– How Loud You Gasp

When It’s Done Again