So You Die – And Go To Heaven

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/18/2020

So You Die – And Go To Heaven

And All – Has Been… ForGiven…

Those Who Raped & Murdered

Robbed Slandered You

Free – er Will & Your Guilt

Is Gone &… Good Times Too

The Beer & Liquor Bar’s Open

Drink Excellent Beer

With ForGiven Bad Humans

Good Angels Too



Are You Smarter Than The Angels

Well How Do? Your IQ?

Personality: Still Shy?

WhoDo Ye – Meet & Greet?

Jesus Is There… Greeting You

Saints And Sinners

Your High School Teachers

Jack Benny Johnny Carson

Buddy Holly Elvis John Lennon

Beethoven Martin Luther

Aborted Baby Fetuses

Ancestors From Your Family?

The – Wealthy Or In Poverty

Mao Zedong Mother Theresa

Hitler & Stalin? John Wilkes Booth?

Henry The Eighth

Nostradamus Pontius Pilate Judas Iscariot

CleoPatra Zoroaster

Buddhas Aztecs Incas

Cave Neanderthals

Adam & Eve? To Name… A Few?

Where… Do You Simply Hang Out

Dancing Wine Drinking BullShitting

Are There Choir Practices

Genuflecting & Fasting

Sunday Passover Ramadan Islam

Terrorism Forgiven…

Schools & Dressing Up

Looking Cool Saint Joseph

Teaching Carpenter Tools

So You Died…


Heaven Sent

Open Aire Theatre

Open Aire Theatre

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/17/2020

Open Aire Theatre

Cats Dancing

Curiously Curiosity

Getting Down


Th’ Cat Tail Swish –

At HellTown Saloon…

Right Outside The

Gates Of Hell…

Now Your Chance Cats To

Prance Pivot Sing…

Nearly EveryThing

Meow… Pussies

Climb Into Clime

Climb Up

Upon Stage An

Burst Out Meow Meow Meow

Act Out

Open Aire Rage…

‘Pon The

HellTown Saloon

Stage Of Rage


Little Kitty


It Gets Bizaree


You’ll See


At The HellTown Saloon

Right Outside

The Gates Of Hell


Whoop Fluffie Don’t Slip

‘Pon Yer Duffie Did

Diddilie Doo

ChickiePoo Chicklet

Bee… Th’ Cats Meow…

Dance Your Chance To –

Cats Dance Curiosity

Wish With A Swish O’

Cat Tails

Coins Flung At Your

Pussies Loins By

Bad Angels Good Angels Bad Humans

Good Humans Too

Wahoo WaHah Hee

Kneel To

Break A Leg

To Pick Them Up

Coins I Mean Gleaming


See A Pussie PickUp

Coins Up Off The

Stage Of Rage

At The HellTown Saloon

Just Right OutSide The Gates Of Hell


A Good Day See

To Be

Is Monday

Stop ForEver Is It Better Than…

Stop ForEver Is It Better Than…

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/7/2020

Stop ForEver Is It Better Than…

Worth It

To You…


Have Nothing To Hope For…


At All…

Not You No Not You


A SuiCide – Is It

A Hee Hee Under Full Steam Propellor

Waters Concerned

Them InSwirling…

A Rounding The Drain…

Your Esteem N’er

Cut & Dried

Never Existed At All…

Better Than Starting Over

See The Other Side

Run Away

From Woe

O Glorioso

RolYa O’er O’er Inna Tha

Flower Betty Crocker Too

Bend Ove Beaver

& Smell The Clover

Well Clever

Do It Do It


Mebbe See Th Other Side

Ya Got

A Ticket Ta Ride

Stop ForEver Is It Better Than…

Take Yer Ticket Ta Tha Other Side

Or… Just

Let It Slide…

Lightning… Paltry Paltry Love…

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/7/2020

Lightning… Paltry Paltry Love…

Lightning… Paltry Paltry Love…

I Love Lucie Lucid Love…


Pure Near

Flame Fire –


Comes… Then


Comes Down… From


Lightning Spills In Seeping A Ah Creepin

So Very Leak Leak Leaking

Love Not Lovers Such

Un Much Un UnSatisfried…

Is Energy – Flaming Romanticallee Romance Seemin In

Romance Sittn In…

Out Goes

Then Nature Fills In


Vacuum Of lost Love


Is It…

Paltry Partly Love?

Christ Died. God Took Over

Christ Died. God Took Over

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/3/2020

Christ Died. God Took Over

Watched The SunSet

A Bit Slower Now

All Things Changed

Since From The



Up Shit Creek



Crossed The Border

Threw Them A Paddle

Christ Died.

God Took Over.

God Got Saddled Up

Ruptured The Duck

Honor Where It Can Be Worn

Honor Where It Can Be Worn

(c) Leo G Campbell 9/23/2020 4/01/2015

Honor Where It Can Be Worn

Humans, Angels, God –

Deeds Of Choice, Have Done

To Someone –

Deeds Of Choosing


Rape, Killing

So Many Other Harms

Humans Do –

True In A Name Of Love

To ThemSelves –

True To A Real Love

Given Freely

Only To Another –

Angels Too

Need Honor

To Wear As Done – Duties, Other Deeds

Reach Deeply To Display What

Angels Need To Do

To Have Too

Honor Where It Can Be Worn

Shall We Wait And See

Honor Worn By Angels

Describe It To Me

As Angels Be

Starve To Desire

Starve To Desire

(c) Leo G Campbell 9/23/2020

Starve To Desire


To Needing Them –

To Preach To –

The Choir

Listen To Them


An Angels Spiritual

Winging It…

Starving To Desire

What Do The Angels Want…


Can Light Their…


As Supposed

Exposed Things

Even If True…

The Choir Still Now

Starved To Desire

Needing You

Trade Your Life Back…

(c) Leo G Campbell 9/22/2020

Trade Your Life Back…

At The End

Your End


At The End

When Instead

The Angel Of God Appeared Said:

“You May Be Allowed

To Keep

Your Present Life



You May Start Over


A New Life…


To See


Almighty God

Trading Your Life Back”


At The End To

Life Another


What God Has Joined


May Move Asunder

The Unlocked Christmas Box

The Unlocked Christmas Box

(c) Leo G Campbell      12/7/2018      11/22/2018       1/5/2018      3/24/2017     3/16/20

The Unlocked Christmas Box


– Christmas Strong – Box

Of The Pageant ‘O

Christmas Christians

Proto Atomic – The

Details – ‘O – 1,000 People –


Shut – In,

The Unlocked

Proto Atomic – Christmas Box

– – So, All – –

1,000 Folks – Get A Letter

– “Come On By,

Drop Off

On In, The” –

Your Name – Find

– The One

Only One,

Your Name


You Own – For

The Christmas Lottery, Pageant Parade

Has Drawn – Ten Lovely Kinds

Of Names, In Aid Of

1,000 Holy Christmas People –

Jewish? Christian?

Is There Any Other Kind?

At A Time, So Them Winner

Ten Folks… Get

In Line In…


“To Justly


The Unlocked – Proto Atomic –

Strong Christmas Box –

In Order To… ”


Next To That Christmas Box

Lies, Lays,

Keys… & – Opened & Waiting


To See When

Who Picks Them Up

Locks Up


Unlocked Christmas Box,