P’raps You’ll See It In Me… ?

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/17/2021

P’raps You’ll See It In Me… ?

P’raps You’ll See It In Me… ?

Enny Reality Left

InDeedy Yup

At Supper Sit Around

Try Find Enny

Filthy Penny


ABounding Around…

P’raps You’ll See It In Me

Scent Left By Th’ Hound


Horney Tho Th’ World Capers On

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/16/2021

Horney Tho Th’ World Capers On

Horney Tho Th’ World Capers On


Word Sculptorer

Hee Hee

There’s Them Taxes Too

Up Th’ GitGo


Ya Ya All Full Time

To Hear The- Or



Horney Whilst Th’ World Capers On

With A Cheerily Toot Fart

Glorioso AMF Adios & YO


The Spirit Leads Religion

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/15/2021

The Spirit Leads Religion

The Spirit Leads Religion

The Holy Spirit Is- Impossible

To Write Or Say

Away From Smoke Mirroring

EverThing… Ahh Yaa

Yo O

The Spirit Leads Religion


Th’ Mormons Morons, Still…

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/15/2021

Th’ Mormons Morons, Still…

Th’ Mormons Morons, Still…

So… We… All Have Family

I Wanta See- All My

Relatives Ancestors

So Morons Are Mormons

Yep. So.

Still Wanta Know.


Long Winding Road… Democracy

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/15/2021

Long Winding Road… Democracy

Long Winding Road… Democracy

Oh How Many Miles Can You

Or I

See To- When…

We FIND Democracy ?

Easy For Mee. I Just Shoot Ya- See

Very Very Easy To

FuckUP Democracy…

It’s God’s Gifting Us All…

Weakly SomeTimes

We Don’t Listen To

Some Of Us Lack Balls-

Nor Hear God Calling

Just Dying Lush RimJob

He’s Dying Just Like My Own Dad Did…

I Held My Dad’s Hand Days Dying


Rush (Th’ Bloowe Jawb) Yo

Hee- Politely May Might Ah

That’ll Stay Around Let The Folks

The People Play

Possibly ? Through

My Wandering

Bipolar… Oh…

You Didn’t Know Go





Yerrr… So-oh Precioepilous Privacy

c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/14/2021

YourrRrrr… So-oh Precioepious Privacy

Goes Away When We Hear… What The People Say

They Roman Soldiers

Stripped Christ Redeemer Naked-

Then Tied To A Post- They…

Scourged Him (Try- It… Some Day)

Why He’s Gonna Die- Throw

His Clothes Away… Hey Let’s

Toss For His

Tunic Done So Well

Must Be A Jew- Aramaic Mother

Another Woman From Hell


Steps To FreeDom

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/14/2021

Steps To FreeDom

Steps To FreeDom

Women Men Children

5,000 Of

Them Crucified cf.

Rome, & Italy

2-3 Days ca.

70-90 A.D.


Enny Roman Year

Suffering… Damn

O God… So Long

I Saw/// Many & Most


We BeLoved Christians

Of Bloody Steps To Freedom


How Do We It Misses Us

Kisset No Kissitt Is

It No Shit…

Suffering Long…

Longer Much As Such…

Christians So Many- Tarred-

Into Human Candles That Lit Miles Of… That


The Roman Way

Oh Never o All No

Rome ParaNades… Ah ! WhatDaFukya

Tar Ignites Burns

Instantly Instantly…

Along… Fucking

The Big Shot The

Roman Ways

TorTure Quite OutStanding

The Roman Way Where

That 666 Fucking Nero


Moisture Humidity Per Cent & I’d

Rent Out My Tent

Step Over

Become… History… Such Steps

Often Are

Hesitating Then

Bloody… Or Goody



Bloodie Bloodie Alway

Bloody Steps To



Pray… Feel Strange

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/10/2021

Pray… Feel Strange

Pray… Feel Strange

Speak Quietly To God In… Hope

Mumbled Lips… Tired Mind


Do Fine ‘Cause God Always

Listens Does Improves

In Ways Perhaps… Strange

Days Weeks Months Years Pass

Enduring Grace Descends Anew

Forever Upon You…

From… Every Single Prayer… You Present

God Responds With Love And


Change For The Better

Practices In Prayer

Pray Feel Strange

Lose Some Guilt Sorrow

You Are Loving More


Human Prayers Wishes Hopes

Desires Fears Needs


Our Father Hail Mary Act Of Contrition et al

Confess Honestly

Your Sins To God

Okay To Use Priest Rabbi Mosque Reverend

But You Lead

The Prayers In Your Mind

Be The Sincere Prayerful Kind

Pray… Feel Strange


Time Is Always Mist

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/10/2021

Time Is Always Mist

Time Is Always Mist

Confused With Motion &

Light Pursued


By Shadows

Black Blackerrr Blackesss

SideLined To


Time Passes As

It Always Does…

Time Is Always Missed

Time Passes

Always Does…

Time Is Always Mist


Growing Up Love… In Shadows

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 1/6/2021 11/30/2020

Growing Up Love… In Shadows

Growing Up Love… In Shadows

Hallow In The MoonLight…

Ohhh… Ya Get Shadows- Are

Not All The Same

At All…

Still UnMoving Moving Then

Rather Dramatic

Ah-Cha- Cha Frenetically

Bright Light To Partial Dark Eh…

What Do All… Our… Shadows Say ?

ConFronting Us ?

Black As The Shadows Are… Gray

Any Fuzzie Edges- At All… Hark

Hark Hark The Shadow Lark

A Twisty- Persistent- Fairly

Consistent= In Their Own Way… Here

It’s ‘sa Hard On~

Getting It On

Hafta Ask Ya Why

Mating With Your Shadow

“I’m Back Inn… My Shaddow… Again”

Grop’n Your Own Shadow

When Do Think I

It Bizaree… Overerre…

It’s WalkAbout To

Talk About Time

Due To

Alla Tha Feelings

Where Is The Love ?

Millions Soldiers Millionz Shadowz

A March’n LockStep To

Some Gallows Well Where Go

The Shadows After- Being… Hanged ?

“Own Shadow Of Mine- ” I Say

“When It’s Hate

Don’t Do No Good, To

HateFul Shadow, As When-

Growing Up Love… Shadows