Time Windows – Open

Time Windows – Open

(c) Leo G Campbell     1/5/2018       7/19/2017

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Time Windows – Open

To Me


& – To You…

Open, Time, Windows –


Now, In,

We –

Can Make –

A Time, Window –

Open –

Does It

Ever Close? This One

Staid, And Stayed –


I Sashayed Joyously –


Your Shoulder


Back Where

Time & Windows – Open



Where? O’ Ya,

You Came From


Bespeak Your Peace

Bespeak Your Peace

(c) Leo G Campbell     1/5/2018       3/8/2017

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Bespeak Your Peace

You Piece – Together, Too –

Pilgrim, You Mebbe Decide, To –


How Just – The Summers Went

Then, In September

You Took Upon,

Spent, Away – Much Of The, All


Something Simmering True, Then –

I Often Wondered


It T’was,

Coming For You

Poor And – Socked Against The Wall

All Of Us Be Poor

(c) Leo G Campbell    1/5/2018        7/31/2017

Poor And – Socked Against Th’ Wall

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All Of Us Be Poor

Poor – & Socked Against



What, That – Wall – Over

There, & Here…

All Poor… Care, Ya – Sure

Just As It Is That

Some Of Us

Believe –

Often The Richest –

Think We


Suck And Deceive

The Rich

Are, Lazy, Godless,

More… Than

Th’ GOP…

Rich: Upright, True To Wonder



White Old Men – Wander

Seeking To Suck Only Wealth

$$ Dollarz $$

At Each Every – Thing

That – They – Do –

Whilst – Others


Th’ GOP Blunder


Comment: Not – Abolish US Cent Penny

Not – Abolish US Cent Penny

(c) Leo G Campbell       8/26/2017

Not – Abolish US Cent Penny

My Comment:

My university degree, is a B.A. (Batchelor of Arts) in Economics. I have studied the US economy, also Russia, Canada, former Yugoslavia, and others. I have much graduate work, toward an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

The US Treasury/US Mint should not find an excuse to abolish the US penny, or cent. There are several serious economic reasons to maintain the cent, as US legal tender.

With every change in presidential administration, somebody – bureaucratic or politician – sees that the cost of stamping out copper cents is just a bit more – than 1 cent in value.

Not as simple as that – who determines the actual, real value – of one cent? Me? You? Them? Good questions.

Under US currency law, each 1 cent – comprises 10 parts, or 10 mills. Mills play a part in quoting US retail gasoline prices – which are quoted everywhere in “dollars, cents, and mills.” Example: gas priced as $2.47/9 is $2.47 plus 9 mills.

Mills are still used in real estate and elsewhere, to compute real estate taxes.

The point is, if the US cent is deleted, a complete revision of retail and real estate, is required for such a deletion to work, and to avoid economic chaos.

Another serious problem, is the retail public’s – the retail business sector’s – greed reaction.

Note: “The Greed Factor” applies to all human enterprises. Rather than a “TGF’ it is “TFG”… the factor greed…

If there is no 1 cent, the millions of items, from candy bars to perfumes, that are priced at $0.57 or $24.98, have to change, because price must round to the nickel, the 5 cent piece.

Does the business round prices down? No – the greed factor rules that prices will ALWAYS be rounded UP. The $0.57 candy bar price will increase to $0.60, the three cents’ increase – is a 5.2% increase to the consumer. The $24.98 perfume reprices to $25.00 – a 8.0% increase to the consumer. Carried across the entire USA retail economy, there could be an immediate national retail inflation, of at least 5%. The disruption to the USA business economy could trigger recession, or worse.

Every Precious Human Being

Every Precious Human Being

(c) Leo G Campbell      10/10/2017      7/19/2017

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Every Precious Human Being

Takes The Sting Of

Being Alive


Being Here…

Human Beings –

Them Wonderful Things

‘Round Them Angels

Human – ity Runs Rings


Being There…

Human Beings