In Wilderness ‘O The World

In Wilderness ‘O The World

(c) Leo G Campbell      10/6/2017       10/2/2017       8/24/2017       8/2/2017

In Wilderness ‘O The World

So Shall

Wild… We Dance Our

Wildness To Wilderness

On This Sphere

Set To: Weird – Medium

For: In The World

Allus Alone Together

– Dosey Doe… Still Goes Does

Th’ Dance…

– Parading’n Prance

Until You Die –

As I


Mine Wildness In

My Dancing

The Wilderness…

Around The Sphere ‘O The World


Meager Manger Xmas Mouse

Meager Manger Xmas Mouse

(c) Leo G Campbell       9 25 2017       9 6 2017

Meager Manger Xmas Mouse

– The Christmas

– This Christmas

Xmas Mouses


Close To

A Mouse

Near Starvation In

A Manger…

So, Small Mouse

Stood Up, Squeaks

I Mean Speaks:

“Small Mice Tho We Are

Starving –

We Carry Our Love


Baby Jesus –

As We All Are Here”

Meager Manger Xmas Mouse


Magic Of The Eyes

Magic Of The Eyes

(c) Leo G Campbell       9/25/2017       8/24/2017

Magic Of The Eyes

Parallel Truths Looking

To Sleuth Curving Curling

Boards Cutting

Or Lying Dying

To – Look Away

Right At You

Each Time

See Into Another’s Eyes –

As Can Be…

Aye, To

Seek In Another Eye

‘Pon A View With Such A View



Lord He Makes So Many Humans

Lord He Makes So Many Humans

(c) Leo G Campbell       9/3/2017      8/26/2017

Lord He Makes So Many Humans

Billions –

Now Humanity To…

Nine Billion…


O Make One Lover For Me –

Here Am I Try’n

I Am Try’n

For My Lover

To Find Me

She’ll Know

When She Sees

Me Try’n…

Not To Cry

O Lord Make One Lover For Me

Yes. Yes


Canada Geese Crossing

Canada Geese Crossing

(c) Leo G Campbell     9/3/2017       8/26/2017

Canada Geese Crossing

They Came From Canada

All The Way South

To The – Mile


Columbia River

In Their Huge Vee Of Birds

Canada Geese A Honking


In The Middle Of

The Mile-Wide Columbia –

The Vee – It Broke Into

A Re-Arrange Into

Two Vees:

– One Kept On Straight South

– The Other Vee Turning

Went Upriver – East

Amen Because

One Bird From The Upriver Vee

Came Back To

The Straight South Vee

Likely To Tell Them

Of The Change