MYDICK Is As Strong As America

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/5/2021

MYDICK IS As Long As America

Long Longer- Strong

Whut… Could… Go Wrong…

Let’s Go- Measure… America’s Dong…

SEEIF AnyThings Gone… To… Wrong

She’s Still- Our Oregon Guv

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/4/2021

She’s Still- Our Oregon Guv

She’s Still- Our Oregon Guv

Governor Kate Brown

Some Frown…

Th’ Trumpers DisLike-

Mebbe HATE-

Our Oregon Guv…

Even Tho- She’s White…

“She’s A Lez…”

Who Cares ? ?



See Yer Tiny Shorts Are

So… Fulla Shit-

Who Do We… Really

Know ? ?

You- Get Those Days…

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/4/2021

You- Get Those Days…

You- Get Those Days…


Every- Eff’n Thing-

Good Bad


Goes… Wrong

Hella Ofa Ding Dong

Bad To Good

Mebbe Feeele…

A Little- Like…

Robb’n Hood

Wee’ll Robb’n Ya

Did Good

Changing Baaad…

Ta Someth’n Bad

Ta Better… As Good

As, Robb’n-

We All Should

Ad: “For Sale” My Son’s Wheelchair…

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/4/2021

Ad: “For Sale” My Son’s Wheelchair…

Ad: “For Sale” My Son’s Wheelchair…

True Story Today-

An Ad In CraigsList-

“I Didn’t Know Where

To Place This Ad…

My Son Was Murdered Thursday

New Battery On The Chair Was $400

Selling It, For $300 To

Pay For Our Bills… “

I phoned 2 local TV News Stations-

Waffle Waffle…

Was All They…


PMURT Th’… Hitler Guy

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/4/2021

PMURT Th’… Hitler Guy

PMURT Th… Hitler Guy

WHITE Supremacy ? ? ?

Ask Why- ? ?

Their White Fathers Beat Them,


But Hitler Wasn’t Rich…

But… Like Pmurt…

Just- A Son Of A Bitch…

Premurt Got An Itch


Call All

Every One… Of

Colored Humanity…

“Th’ MUD People ! ! ! “

” ‘Splain To US

WHY Yer Afraid Of Skin…

Pmurt- Take All

Your Lies… Sin

Just Shove’m Up

Yer Pmurt AssHole

Where- Your Lies Come From-

Pmurt- Yer Done. Crawl

Back Into- Yer


There’s Humor In Eternity

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/2/2021

There’s Humor In Eternity

There’s Humor In Eternity

After All

So… NoBody

Dropped Th’ Ball

After All

Is Said-



There’s Humor In Eternity

Shall We Wait…

See ?

We Prayed On Our Knees:

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/30/2021

We Prayed On Our Knees:

We Prayed On Our Knees:

Jesus Mary Joseph I

Give You My

Heart And Soul

Jesus Mary Joseph We

Please Assist Us

At Our Last Judgement

Jesus Mary Joseph

May We Die In Peace

In Your Sacred Arms

Taught by father, Leo A. to my older sister Mary, and I. Most evenings, us three would kneel- facing the davenport. We also said a Hail Mary, Our Father, and Act Of Contrition. I still say the above prayer to the Holy Family, twice each day. It brings enormous comfort. LGC

Monitored By… Object Clarity

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/28/2021 3/11/2021

Monitored By… Object Clarity

Monitored By… Object Clarity


Much Charity Butt

Width Lottsa

Good To Luck

Out… With-

Verity To Verily

Verify Girly

Duly Early…

Think About It… See…

“DoIt” Heartily

Butt Not… To Me…

She… Regarded Me-

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/28/2021 1/14/2021

She… Regarded Me-

She… Regarded Me-

We- In Love Before Than

Began Not Adoring


Shilly Shally Man…

Very ‘Praps Messed Up


If’n Where I Can

Shilly Silly Bleated

Quite Bleeded Out- Man

Brings Necesssary To…


Knock’n On

Her Front Door

Angels’ Spring-Summer TryOuts – 2021

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/26/2021

Angels’ Spring-Summer TryOuts – 2021

Angel’s Spring-Summer TryOuts – 2021

Wanna Be-

An… Angel ? We Need-

Only Good Angels Here-

Perky Snarky ? Not

BrainLess Is So Unhot

Seeking Quiet Love

Trust With Love


Getting Done

Thrill To…

God’s Will

Angels’ Spring-Summer TryOuts – 2021