MYDICK Is As Strong As America

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/5/2021

MYDICK IS As Long As America

Long Longer- Strong

Whut… Could… Go Wrong…

Let’s Go- Measure… America’s Dong…

SEEIF AnyThings Gone… To… Wrong

We Are Being… Borne T’ Heaven

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/4/2021

We Are Being… Borne T’ Heaven

We Are Being… Borne T’ Heaven

In Our Lives…

Carried By


Many O’ Th’ Angels-

Didn’t Just Happen

To Being-

Flying By…

God Of All Angels-

God Of All Humanity-

Let Us Fly

Ad: “For Sale” My Son’s Wheelchair…

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/4/2021

Ad: “For Sale” My Son’s Wheelchair…

Ad: “For Sale” My Son’s Wheelchair…

True Story Today-

An Ad In CraigsList-

“I Didn’t Know Where

To Place This Ad…

My Son Was Murdered Thursday

New Battery On The Chair Was $400

Selling It, For $300 To

Pay For Our Bills… “

I phoned 2 local TV News Stations-

Waffle Waffle…

Was All They…


There’s Humor In Eternity

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 5/2/2021

There’s Humor In Eternity

There’s Humor In Eternity

After All

So… NoBody

Dropped Th’ Ball

After All

Is Said-



There’s Humor In Eternity

Shall We Wait…

See ?

We Prayed On Our Knees:

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/30/2021

We Prayed On Our Knees:

We Prayed On Our Knees:

Jesus Mary Joseph I

Give You My

Heart And Soul

Jesus Mary Joseph We

Please Assist Us

At Our Last Judgement

Jesus Mary Joseph

May We Die In Peace

In Your Sacred Arms

Taught by father, Leo A. to my older sister Mary, and I. Most evenings, us three would kneel- facing the davenport. We also said a Hail Mary, Our Father, and Act Of Contrition. I still say the above prayer to the Holy Family, twice each day. It brings enormous comfort. LGC

Next 4th Of July

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/29/2021 1/13/2021

Next 4th Of July

Next 4th Of July

See The Fire Works

In The Night Sky

Covid Didn’t Get Me

By The 4th Of July

High As Them Sky Rockets Fly

Covid Didn’t Get Me

I Didn’t Die

I’m Getting High

Covid Didn’t Get Me

By The 4th… Getting High…

I Didn’t Die…

Death- Stands On – The STAGE OF RAGE

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/28/2021

Death- Stands On – The STAGE OF RAGE

Death Counts- As… The Souls- Change

Death Counts As… The Souls- Change

Death Is Standing On


At Th’ HellTown Saloon-

Just Outside

Th’ Gates Of Hell…

Where- ALL Th’ Angels

Bad or Good – We

Don’t Care

Drink At The HellTown

Saloon Bar


Humans Dead (Over Ten Years)




To Death On Stage:

Death Gets Bored But

Seldom Falls To Rage…

Death Whining- “So Many More


Pandemically We


Gotta More

A Hell Of

A Death

Soul Score”

Saint John The Lenn (John Lennon d. 1980)

Shouted Up-

“DEATH ! ! ! ”

“Tell It To FATE ! ! ! “

“Death & War ARE OVER”

“Death Is No Longer…

The Whore”

From Th’ HellTown Saloon Floor

“Saint John The Lenn Is Legend

Worth Die ing For”


Stay tuned for later episodes of The HellTown Saloon, musings of Saint John The Lenn, Satan, et al. LGC

Easier To – More Moments Than

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/27/21

Easier To – More Moments Than

Easier To –

Hate Killing

Runn… Fer Th’ Done Side


Again- Bloody…


Arranged So Fast


Quickly For- Me



As… If…

So Flipp’n Fark’n One

Threee Up Deep Yer Bootey Eh

Gotta Get

Practice… If

Its That- Be…

Okay ? ?

Thank Jesus For Being… Here

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/27/2021

Thank Jesus For Being… Here

Thank Jesus For Being… Here

Laid Back

Kicked Backatcha


Think To Have… Another Beer

Whilst Jesus Sits Here



Jesus Grins Some

Honestly Reflecting ?

“I Have Redeemed Humankind…

It Is Done”

O Jesus Let Us Die Too

Life On The Run…

As Such Field Day…

Land Rush…

To Heaven

TIME WITH Dr WHooo ‘s VooDoo

(c) LGC Leo G Campbell 4/26/2021

TIME WITH Dr WHooo ‘s VooDoo

TIME WITH Dr WHooo ‘ VooDoo

View… Time

As It Goes By-

Past Our Minds

Yet We See


The Passing ROAR OF TIME


We All Watch The

Passing Of… Time