Find Th’ – In Your Mind

Find Th’ – Whence – In Your Mind

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/23/2029

Find Th’ – Whence – In Your Mind

Jesus Brought Your Gift Package

Left It Under Th’ Christmas Tree

Super Kind Mind God Jesu He

Blinded By

His ExSpend ed Blood On The Cross

Flowed – In & Over – Jesus’ Eyes

Jesus Tried To See

Do – Find The Whence In Your Mind


As Waltzing In Dance

As Waltzing In Dance

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/24/2020

As Waltzing In Dance

Stepping Into Whirling

Whilst I See Jesus

Standing Waiting


I Am…

Bobbing Weaving Fearing

Guessing While Plotting

Waltz Inna’ Dance

Esteem ly Estimat ing


Still, Sweet Jesus We

Its Our Dance

Ever Tired Being Rich?

Ever Tired Being Rich?

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/23/2020

Ever Tired Being Rich?

& How ‘Bout

Being Th’

Poor, Skinned, Alive –

By Many Rich? Care Nothing To

Hear Their Your Our Us My Mine

Anguish, Yer Poorish

ScreamsCover For

Us – Between Famine’d Scathing ‘d

Fucking Fuck’d Over Mad On

I Gotta Hard On  – You? Glad

For… Any Street Cheats

Mortgage Bankers’

Are Knaves. Boors Boorish

“Th’ Donald” Him =

Especially Is Boor: # 1 Knave ing

Loans Traps’ll Cut Skinning

Legs Arms Cuntz Yes & Cox Off

Over Materials, Wealthies, &…

&… Steel Iron Link Type, Chains



– Hunger, Terror, Torture, Misery,

Please Our God –

You There!!! Pray These Every Day!!!

Stop All This –

– Suffering More… & Even Then… , More…

Even Than…

For… The

Praying To

Almighty God & Jesus Christ

& Holy Spirit The Trinity


Terror Torture Misery Suffering

To Vanish – Not Just Subside

Such As Is –


Beyond Opportunity

& Revenge

God Sends Away

So Jesus Christ Say He

I Shall Be Born On Christmas Day

When I Am Born

Devils Satans Emitt ing By & WithLightn ing


As Waste,

From Heaven… Paradise From –

To – Gone & Far Away

Dont Need

An Suffer ing ing Bahdge, Eh?

God Don’t Need To Pray

Keep Me – Off The Streets. Sweet Jesus

Keep Me – Off The Streets, Sweet Jesus

(c) Leo G Campbell       5/23/2020       5/20/2020

Keep Me Off The Streets, Sweet Jesus

Please Always Keep Me

Sweet Jesus At Least

For Tonight…

Warmer Than Cold I

Wish For… A

Gooder, A Shoulder On


“Warm” Tent With

Gett’n It A Love On

Less Traffick ‘n Noise

More Joys

Keep’n Me Gett’n Off

The Streets, Jesus Says

“Jesus Saves” In Neon

Gett’n It On In

Portland, Oregon West Burnside Corner

Jesus Says It


Light – Raves Deep In Shadow Dark

“Jesus Saves”