Twisting Spinning In The Wind

Twisting Spinning In The Wind

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/17/2018

Twisting Spinning In The Wind

Kindly Pass Me Wings…

The American Flag Too

I Shall Fly In

These This I

My Best Costume, Do You

Is That – What You Say?

Hafta Say?


The Lodgers In Your Mind

The Lodgers In Your Mind

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/17/2018

The Lodgers In Your Mind

Shakespeare Why He

Rather Than She

Missus Shakespeare

Wrote Down,


Some –

– Clyde Laid Daid Died &

His Old Man The Duck

Threw Up

Barfed!! Yuk

To The Skies

Then, And…

Th’ Next When –

The Shat Fest Began Again: That

– Green-Eyed Dragon… Do Yer Wife-ly Lifey … Even Like Me? No

– In My Salad Days… Show Me My Differing Ways Suffering Too

– Exit Stage Left, Pursued By A Bear… No BullShit There Only Scat

Of Effing, Course, Then Bearshit-0

Th’ Skat Hit

Th’ Fan Shit

Swaying Of Shit Shitting Off Course Dancers

Sashaye ‘ng Began…

“The Scatters Parade” Then, Marched In

‘A Stompin’ Left ‘A Stomp


Get It On

Get Down Go Down In Th’ Rite

At Th’ – Next – Sorta, Pinkish Orange Dawn

Gett’n Down Sun Thaank Yeww

You Rose – You Got Up

You Have Risen

This Time

Is There… A… Next… Time?

Just Get It Right?

Such Lodgers, Be…

Whe er i e – Do They…  Be-long?

You – Having Pa- e i aid – Now

Collect Their Rent – “Paid”

Mark All That – Down

Pain Is The In “In Full”

Wants It To Go On…

Evere Forevere More Paye Me


Of Course Paid

In Kind –

Full Their Blo-ood Might Flow


Their Rent Pain Paid

The Lodgers In Your Mind


Under Your Rainbow… Somewhere

Under Your Rainbow… Somewhere

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/13/2018

Under Your Rainbow… Somewhere

You May Find,

Earn, Or –

Churn Your Fortune, Or –

Fortunes… Opportuned


Conceptually Thieving


Assigned Your Own Role –

Then You Are… There


Under Your Rainbow… Somewhere


Chinook Salmon Spirit – Sandy River Oregon

Chinook Salmon Spirit – Sandy River, Oregon

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/11/2018

Chinook Salmon Spirit – Sandy River, Oregon

Late Spring I Drove To The Sandy River

The Big Rocky Spot –

Across From OxBow Park –

River is Deep Here –

On My Left, Is Far

Up This River As

It Moves

North, Down Stream –

On A Knee I

Put My

Hand In The Sparkly Water

Stroked The River…

– Then Sat Back

– On That Rock

Pondered My God And I

Me And His

Sandy River

Pondered God And The Flow Of Water

Called Here…

The Sandy River. Water. In Oregon. Just Then –

Up On The Road, I Heard A Car… Doors…

Drunken Teenagers Yelling

Arriving, I Heard…

But Could Not See Them.

A Young Shout –

Brown Beer Bottle, Tossed –

It Passed, Up Above

Past My Shoulder, Landed

SPLASH In The Middle Of

God’s River It Sank There

Was A Brief Quiet


Where The Bottle Sank

A Large Bright

Silver Chinook Salmon Fish

Exploded Out Of The Waters


With A Fishtail Dance

On Top

Of That

Sandy River, Oregon. Water

The Chinook Salmon Spirit Of God


Dove. Away

Too Many Nightmares

Too Many Nightmares

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/5/2018       10/26/2017

Too Many Nightmares

– Are Bizarre

– For Me,


How’s A’Bout –


– How Much

– Is Too Many, To Try –

Fry Up Some –


Only Leaving – A Few


Do They – Breed? In Refilling

Trying To Scare, Harm Or

Kill Me –

Oh, My O, My –

My, Killing Of –


Was Of…


Your, Needs? For?

Nightmares? Oh

Did I Justify

Did I Justify

(c) Leo G. Campbell       1/5/2018       11/26/ 2017        10/27/2017

Did I Justify

Did I

Did Do

Th’ Audition To…


Ever A Teapot, Pissing

Out, Spurts Spout – Of A Tea…

Th’ Romans Saw It


Its Roman Army


– Would’ve Liked

– Spiked Tea…

It Was,

Wuz Iz,

Left To – Th’ Greeks, Be


Re-Creating Noir

Grab Assing, & Now

We Know

In, In… For, Or



Crisis, My Crises…

Of Love –


Wherever Shall We

Whut Evera – Beeing…


Shall Be…

Possess, & Live On


A Where Doer Ever

Best Guess Analysis

Guest – Yer Guess – Yer My


Thesis, Cannot Hear, Cannot See

Is Ther’

In… There…

Some Kinda Sin?

– Hatred, Contempt

– Corrupt, Or Somethin’

– Schlepping… Also, There, Too… As

– Remaining… Slighting

Slightly Shy, Of – Every, Thing…

‘Cept’ing Th’ Bells – They Thangs

Keep A’ Ringing… On…

But You, Cannot Get, There…

From Where, You, Be…

Iz Where

I See U Dancing,

See You Mostly – On Yer Toes –


Me Why?

Things… Do


Socks Come Out


In The

Dryer Laundry – Cling?

May Still Clang

– A Dooby

– Hawk One,

As If…

Such A Ring, Rang… Then It

Rang Again, As If, True –

– Tones Of Ringing

Arsey Attitudes


– Oh Yes Farty Fartsie,

No Less, Ye Be… Maken Me

That, I Have Found, In

Th’ Lie Of

The List Of –

Your Eye Lands And

Hands Never Forget


How Holy Now, Thou

Are Ye, Sanctified, Now?

Hallowed A Brown Cow…

Is It – All Th’ – We

Need… To… We Justify…

Holiness… Now?

Ah Yes, My Pretties

Ah Yes, My Pretties

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/5/2018       10/31/2017

Ah Yes, My Pretties

Shine On

Yer Jeweleries –

Glitteries Such A Glitteri

Glistening – Tool

Aways OK –

Waz Way – Cool –


Here We Go

Without The Harm To…

Yourselves… Or On, A Just

See Me – Come To Me –

I Shall See


– No Enemy

– Negatives

In Our Eternity…