May God Bless’m All

May God Bless’m All

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/10/2018       11/21/2018

May God Bless’m All

Bless Us, Too…

Do We Leave Out

The Long The Short & The Tall

The Lean Ones The Fast Ones & The Small

Do We Bless All The Green Ones The Mean Ones

God’s Haul…


We Ask Almighty God… Would

– You – Descend To Hell?

– Bless All – & Satan Too?

Oh… Jesus Christ Already

Died And Did

For Our Sins

God Wins.


Seeing Night Light Shades Coming

Seeing Night Light Shades Coming

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/10/2018       12/2/2018       11/21/2018

Seeing Night Light Shades Coming

This… Away

Nearly As They Are

Near Here…

Night Light…  Follows Day

Shades Of Night Light

At Sun Setting

At The End O’ Day

Nearly They Are

Near Here

Sunset Changes Light In The Sky

Of ToDay…

From Yesterday…

As A Child, In My Home Back Yard

In The Night Light

That Followed, My Day…

I Looked Up Saw

Thousands Or Millions Of

Bright Light Pierce -ings

We Call Stars…

Up In The Night-Lighted

– Curvy Night Sky

– Stars See

– The Night Light Shades Too…

Seeing All Above I Thought

Then Concluded That I

Was Contained Inside

God’s Huge Curvy Egg… The

Curve He Placed There

The Bright Night Shades

Of Light Pierce -ings


Night Light Shade Egg

In That Curvey Curve

That God Made.

Ignorant Black White Children

Ignorant Black White Children

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/10/2018       12/4/2018

Ignorant Black White Children

Taken Aback –

This Year?

Do Wee So… Have…

To Do…


Black White Children

Ignorant Is

Mostly As

Much The Same…

Ignorant As

Red Yellow Children


Jesus By Name

Was A Christmas Child

Jesus Is A Children


Muscle Memory 2018

Muscle Memory 2018

(c) Leo G Campbell       12/9/2018


Muscle Memory 2018

Every Time You Move –

Your Brain’n

All Your Body, Thru –

Your Body

Records Ever Thing –

…That You Do…

Your Body

– It All

– Stores It All

Reinforcing By Repetition…

Brain & Body It All

Brain & And Body


Stores It All

Muscle Memory Why?

Is That

– Us – You – Me –