TRUMP: USA Dead Soldiers “Suckers, Losers”

Trump: USA Dead Soldiers “Suckers, Losers”

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/18/2020

Trump: USA Dead Soldiers “Suckers, Losers”

US Soldiers Killed Or Captured

He States Multiple Times…

Trump: A Viet Nam War Draft Dodger

Elmer Trump – 1963 – Dad Bought Off His Doctors

Got Trumpey A “4F”… Fake… ‘Ankle Chips’…

Trump Skipped Visiting An American Cemetery

On Memorial Day: 10 November 2018 –

Aisne-Marne American Cemetery In France

Trump (Confirmed By Military Leaders): “Filled With Losers”

1,800 WWI Marines Killed At Battle Of Bellau Wood

Trump: “Suckers For Getting Killed”

Memorial Day 2017: Trump “I Don’t Get It – What Was In It For Them?”

August 2018: Senator John McCain’s Funeral: “Navy POW A Loser”

AU CONTRAIRE – – – Trumpey…

Ronald Reagan, 27 October 1964:

“The Martyrs Of History Were Not Fools,

And Our Honored Dead Who Gave Their Lives

To Stop Advance Of The Nazis

Did Not Die In Vain”

Trump 2020 Confronted By The Media: “Totally False”

He Was… Fake News… Only Joking ? ? ?

So You Die – And Go To Heaven

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/18/2020

So You Die – And Go To Heaven

And All – Has Been… ForGiven…

Those Who Raped & Murdered

Robbed Slandered You

Free – er Will & Your Guilt

Is Gone &… Good Times Too

The Beer & Liquor Bar’s Open

Drink Excellent Beer

With ForGiven Bad Humans

Good Angels Too



Are You Smarter Than The Angels

Well How Do? Your IQ?

Personality: Still Shy?

WhoDo Ye – Meet & Greet?

Jesus Is There… Greeting You

Saints And Sinners

Your High School Teachers

Jack Benny Johnny Carson

Buddy Holly Elvis John Lennon

Beethoven Martin Luther

Aborted Baby Fetuses

Ancestors From Your Family?

The – Wealthy Or In Poverty

Mao Zedong Mother Theresa

Hitler & Stalin? John Wilkes Booth?

Henry The Eighth

Nostradamus Pontius Pilate Judas Iscariot

CleoPatra Zoroaster

Buddhas Aztecs Incas

Cave Neanderthals

Adam & Eve? To Name… A Few?

Where… Do You Simply Hang Out

Dancing Wine Drinking BullShitting

Are There Choir Practices

Genuflecting & Fasting

Sunday Passover Ramadan Islam

Terrorism Forgiven…

Schools & Dressing Up

Looking Cool Saint Joseph

Teaching Carpenter Tools

So You Died…


Heaven Sent

Yes! Vote By Mail

Yes! Vote By Mail

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/18/2020

Yes! Vote By Mail

That Clown Trump Is = Wrong

SEE The Photo From A Few Days Ago…

CNN Is Reporting: 4 Hour Waiting Lines

Here – In My Oregon USA – We

Have Been Voting By Mail…

For 20 Years…

Last Night I Sat At Home

In 45 Minutes I

Filled Out My Ballot

To Be USPS-Mailed Tomorrow

That Clown Trump Is Wrong

He Don’t – Want You To Vote

Clown Trump

That Ding Dong

Abraham Lincoln: “TRUMP”

Abraham Lincoln: “TRUMP”

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/18/2020

Abraham Lincoln: “TRUMP”

“You Can Fool Part Of The People

All Of The Time; “TRUMP”

You Can Fool All The People

Part Of The Time; “TRUMP”


You Can’t Fool All The People

All The Time.”

“YOU ARE FIRED TRUMP” – Abraham Lincoln

Tough Day

Tough Day

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/17/2020

Tough Day

Notice The Blonde Girl

Another Bar Table

Not Far Across

Is There… Oh…

I Have Fallen In Love

Seek I To So… Do…

Ways For Her To See


Notice Mee…

Notice – An Older Man White

Bearded Still Handsome

Not Quite AnyMore

Tough Day

The Blonde Girl

Her Bar Table…

Not Far

Across Is There – She

Arose – Just Walked Away

Tough Day

Wake Wake You To Real

Wake Wake You To Real

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/17/2020

Wake Wake You To Real

See Over There –


Do Not We

Admire Ya

Eh –


Soldiers March Their

Prisoners Subject Victims


Execution Services

Execution Stadiums…

Execution Squares…

Wake Wake You To Real

How China Dares


Soldiers Marching

Mao UnBeComing…

Mao Left The Building…

With Indifferently… All They

They Feel Emptily…


Subject Prisoners Along


Is Just



Them Then

Push Prod Do A LineUp

Prison Subject Victims

To A… Human StandUp

Just A Job My Job

Execution Wall…

Echoing Rifle Squad


Wake Wake You To Real


It’s Gotten To Now To


“Maybe I’ll Have To Leave The County” – Trump

“Maybe I’ll Have To Leave The Country” – Trump

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/17/2020

“Maybe I’ll Have To Leave The Country” – Trump


Eh… Loser… Trumpie…

Canada Will Not Take Ya

Mexico A Big Naw

Try Russia Moskow Mockba

Guess Russia Owns… Ya

America Glad To Get

Ridda Ya

Hee Hee


You Know How To Come To

You Know How To Come To

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/17/2020

You Know How To Come To

The Last Human Sight



You Were Borne – Solo

Alone – Same Way

You Depart – Solo

What Do You Look At

What When Going To

Finally Die

Your Last Sight –

On Your Last Day…

Do You See…

Anxious Gathered Relations?

Lovely River Valley Country?

Terrorists With Guns Firing?

Devils & Red Eyes Gleaming?

You Know How To Come To


A Last Human Sight…


Open Aire Theatre

Open Aire Theatre

(c) Leo G Campbell 10/17/2020

Open Aire Theatre

Cats Dancing

Curiously Curiosity

Getting Down


Th’ Cat Tail Swish –

At HellTown Saloon…

Right Outside The

Gates Of Hell…

Now Your Chance Cats To

Prance Pivot Sing…

Nearly EveryThing

Meow… Pussies

Climb Into Clime

Climb Up

Upon Stage An

Burst Out Meow Meow Meow

Act Out

Open Aire Rage…

‘Pon The

HellTown Saloon

Stage Of Rage


Little Kitty


It Gets Bizaree


You’ll See


At The HellTown Saloon

Right Outside

The Gates Of Hell


Whoop Fluffie Don’t Slip

‘Pon Yer Duffie Did

Diddilie Doo

ChickiePoo Chicklet

Bee… Th’ Cats Meow…

Dance Your Chance To –

Cats Dance Curiosity

Wish With A Swish O’

Cat Tails

Coins Flung At Your

Pussies Loins By

Bad Angels Good Angels Bad Humans

Good Humans Too

Wahoo WaHah Hee

Kneel To

Break A Leg

To Pick Them Up

Coins I Mean Gleaming


See A Pussie PickUp

Coins Up Off The

Stage Of Rage

At The HellTown Saloon

Just Right OutSide The Gates Of Hell


A Good Day See

To Be

Is Monday