Time Recedes

Time Recedes

(c) Leo G Campbell     8/15/2017

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Time Recedes

Having Taken

Care Of All

Your Particular


Time Is Seldom Gone

Away As Far As


Time Recedes At Death

For The Dead All

Are Human…

Dead Humanity

Each, Every

Dead Never

Miss – In Time

“AnyMore” – Quoth

A Dead Raven

Few Of Them

Tho, Not A Slew

Were Buried In Heaven

Not In Time


Got Through





Lost My Way – Into Eve’s Garden

Lost My Way – Into Eve’s Garden

(c) Leo G Campbell     8/7/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com      www.leocam2@msn.com

Lost My Way – Into Eve’s Garden…

– Eve’s Field

– Eve’s Baseball Friends Afield

It’s On You…

U Flung

Bat Shit Inna’ Wind

Edison Union Stadium Field

Whut We Squinty At’n – B

See’n Right’a Here –

LH Pitcher Eve


On The Mound,


Inta’ Th’ Wind… Whilst

Whinding Propelling Up –

– To Throw The

First Or Last

Base Ball Pitch –


The BaseBall Game

With Unlimited Extra Innings…


UpYa Gents SoFar

There’s Golf’s Fore… And So

Your Balls – Went Go

Is It Only Unformal

Jerk’d On’n Then… Off –

Dress, We Do Th’

Toff Regular Uniform

A Major Leaguer

U Bet

Baseball Get Down

Gown Eve’s Uniform,


Same Time, Again?

Oughta’d Ouughta Be, A Style?

A Mere Fig Leaf… Not…

By Now?

Round Her Garden –

A Camel Walks

A Swell Mile –

Try’n Then Too –

To Balance On All

Slippery Ice –


As They Cast Dice

Mebbe Were They

Where There

Gardenn-iere… Scheming

Grass Greens

Whilst His

& Hers, Finally Dried


And Pissed

The Used

Ball Park IPA

Lager Beer



Lords Hover’d O’er –

Them Too –

Well Met – A Pamphleteer

Thumbed ‘Oer – A Travel’d

So Many Epic Episodes…

Manic – They Were Stressed, Then

Dipped Down Be It Come –

Depress’d – Unfold’d

Travel In The

– Casey Stengle’s & Ken Kesey’s

Cookoo Nest – Come

It’s Only Hard Ball…

This Time –

It’s A Fly Over, Not

A Drive By… Home Run –

Pole-ece Are Notified &

Are Standing Down –

UnPamphlet Pamphlet’d

A Phamphleteer Cheered

Brought Me With My Ticket

Inning A BallPark In

The Garden Of Eden –

Eve Scratches, Then Screams:

“Play Ball Mebbe To –

– Go… Xtra Innings?”

Eve Stood, Wound Up, At Th’ Pitcher’s Mound –

Lefty Eve, With A It’s Really Her

Pitcher’s Glove

Hides How

Her Fingers Tighten

– ‘Round Base Balls Love’ –

Scratch At Her Only –

Hard Ball, Then

Grasp On That…

Her Right’d Knee Lifts High –

Eve Tight Pivoting To The Home Base

Right Shoe Front, Down Toeing

Bar Under Her Cleats Th’ Shoe, Too –

– Toeing on Down

Touching Hard DownTown

On The Pitcher Bar –

Eve Always Likes T’ Play

Bitch Then Pitches


Sitting In My Lap, There. I

Mean, Here

I Found – Eve Mebbe In Her

Hidden, Lap Dance Dancing

In Any Or Just


Lost Garden..

– At A Bar In Hell

Down In

Helltown –

Sitting So – In’ At Th’ Long Bar’s

– Any Angels & Any Humans –

Hell TownBar And Saloon –

Looney Yer Tuned To Until

Th’ HellTown Bar

Gets T’ Knowed Ya, On That –

Stage Of Rage –

In TranQuillity

And Silently. Buddha’s Standing

John Lennon’s Applauding

Then, Eve Walks Thru Th’

Saloon’s Swing Doors –

Like So…

Should, I, Very… Calm Down,

Eve, In Reality –

Truly, Love ?

Right Now,

– Her This

Kiss It Mye Be

Bye I Had Been, Her Ice Cream –

I Dropped The Last Best Scoop –

On Eve, Bye A Very Nice

Was It An Icey Wet Dream

Dream’ng Being On

Her’nHis Ice Skates

With You Eve –

And My Ice Cream –

Eve Heard Th’ Bells ‘O

Twinkly Little

Sparkly Cockle Shells

Whiter Than Bright


Cockle Shell’s Mid

Nights I Shivver Still

Might Shoot Or Just


Twer’nt Hells Bells Where

I Had Come From – I Thought


Th’ Nice

Ice Cream Man’s Truck

I Mean: It Trucks Ice Cream

To Not, Any More…

Dwell In

The Dark Grey Corner,

Yo Hunched Down,

Peering –

Yes, I Knew Or I Now Know


Eve: I Scream At You

Mister Ice Cream

Main Man –

Bring It Here – I’m Eve –

– Bring It All Down, I Am


Evenly Eye, Get It

Down All Down For –

I Scream For…

Eve’s Ice Cream

Who You Really Are

Who You Really Are

(c) Leo G Campbell     8/2/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com      www.leocam2@msn.com

Who You Really Are

Who Are You Really Oh –

For Real So Real

Hurtful Only

Onto You

Does That Hurt… Belong



Are You, For Real – How

When You Got There

Does It Make

You In Spectacular



Who You Really Are

God Helps Those Themselves

God Helps Those Themselves

(c) Leo G Campbell      2/8/2017

http://www.leocamwrites.com     http://www.leocam2@msn.com

God Helps Those Themselves


To Get In Line –

Standing Quietly

Down My Incline To Decline

Of Course


Who Deign Fate –

With Little Cast Iron Dread

To Try Believing, In –

An Answer To: Why?

Am I Here, Well Said –

Honey, My Dear

Take Me

In The Bed

Could – Angels – Do Us – Better?

Could – Angels – Do Us – Better?

(c) Leo G Campbell       8/1/2017

Could – Angels – Do Us – Better?

Than God? Hey Wow You

Mr – Could U B?

Satan Angel – Bad – 2

Bad Angel Black Satan

You Will Never – Be A Real Man

Would You Eve I Mean

Eva Deign To –

Try – ?

Step Down To Try To Be

A Real Sliiding Down, Into Th’ Swamp –

Get Yer Angel Bad Wings

Wetter Damp’n Hang On

Human Bad Angel – Strange Brand

For To

Try For More Evel Than


Biking Hells Canyon Over

Hey Satan –

Are You… A Human,

Yet? For Us In


No Sweat