Blues Finding A Sunrise

Blues Finding A Sunrise

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/26/2018

Blues Finding A Sunrise

Always The Day –

Suprise-Surprize –  Surprise

Sun – Steps Forth, Away

Arising As Wakening I ‘Spose

Darkness Cast – Caste’n At That

Some Colors Coming To Dance

Prance Too Yesss…

Hissing Big F’ken

Big Black Cat, Is Walking… Your Way

Now, He Be Runnin’ At U…

As Pounce

From, Is It Hiss Is As That

– Was… & Has, “T’was” –


Arse’n Away… Yet

Stallion Stud Horse Bosses

Ass’n Her No Not He




Man – An Angel Fell From The Sky

Man – An Angel Fell From The Sky

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/25/2018

Man – An Angel Fell From The Sky

Prideful… So…

Human Watch Him

Th’ Created

Fallen Angel,


Known As… Satan

Somebody Evil


Worthless Than He Evil


For Satan

Bibles Tell ‘Em,


Man Say Satan: Yo Fallen


Say U B Created By God

Anyway Created By God

U A Fallen Angel

Well Then Can U Satan

Who Else

Can You Satan

Serve You

Celebrate With Evil

Without Swerve

Of, Okay

Your Self?

Religion For A Wino

Religion For A Wino

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/25/2018

Religion For A Wino



From – A Come

Comes, A – Religion

– Me Who, & A Wino,

Mebbe You

& Jesu

Done –

Yipper Yep… & Yup. Then

Get It On…


Them Mormons –

A, Chair, Placed. Away –

From Here

Get ‘Em,

By – Jesu,


Several Hundred Thousand

Alcoholic Beers, Millions The Bars

– Not Served & Unserved & Drank –

By Moron Mormons


Un-Odded, Tho Self-Dicked

Rawther Well, I Would Say

To Any Bishop

Moron Mormons

By Jesu

By God

How Much – Does Jesus

How Much – Does Jesus

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/18/2018

How Much – Does Jesus

– How Much Does Jesus Hurt –

As In

The When – Of God

He Is Word Done


“Your Mine Or

Our Sin” One The

Do It Be

– “It Is Finished” –

Christ: God Father bI Have Died”

Originalia Freshez… Arse’d Ass… l…

As, That…

Aiee And

All Of That…

So, We Can, Remember Things…

From Th’ Times… That Have Passed Us

Past As

– How Much Does Jesus Cost –

– How Do You Much –

Pay? Lost – As Such? Is There Any…


Come Hell High Water

– Today To Cover Yester Says

Aiee And

– How Much Does Jesus Take? –

– Just To Pay The Rent?

– That We Know

You Ye Pay…

Aiee And

– He Jesus Owns… It All… –

So, Anyway

– Did Jesus

– Say “HI”

– To You Today?



Would Jesus Take… You?

So Anyway

Whatever Is

Aiee And



The Lodgers In Your Mind

The Lodgers In Your Mind

(c) Leo G Campbell       1/17/2018

The Lodgers In Your Mind

Shakespeare Why He

Rather Than She

Missus Shakespeare

Wrote Down,


Some –

– Clyde Laid Daid Died &

His Old Man The Duck

Threw Up

Barfed!! Yuk

To The Skies

Then, And…

Th’ Next When –

The Shat Fest Began Again: That

– Green-Eyed Dragon… Do Yer Wife-ly Lifey … Even Like Me? No

– In My Salad Days… Show Me My Differing Ways Suffering Too

– Exit Stage Left, Pursued By A Bear… No BullShit There Only Scat

Of Effing, Course, Then Bearshit-0

Th’ Skat Hit

Th’ Fan Shit

Swaying Of Shit Shitting Off Course Dancers

Sashaye ‘ng Began…

“The Scatters Parade” Then, Marched In

‘A Stompin’ Left ‘A Stomp


Get It On

Get Down Go Down In Th’ Rite

At Th’ – Next – Sorta, Pinkish Orange Dawn

Gett’n Down Sun Thaank Yeww

You Rose – You Got Up

You Have Risen

This Time

Is There… A… Next… Time?

Just Get It Right?

Such Lodgers, Be…

Whe er i e – Do They…  Be-long?

You – Having Pa- e i aid – Now

Collect Their Rent – “Paid”

Mark All That – Down

Pain Is The In “In Full”

Wants It To Go On…

Evere Forevere More Paye Me


Of Course Paid

In Kind –

Full Their Blo-ood Might Flow


Their Rent Pain Paid

The Lodgers In Your Mind