Iron Bamboo Race Color Curtains

Iron Bamboo Race Color Curtains

(c) Leo G Campbell       3/27/2020

Iron Bamboo Race Color Curtains

Include All

At The Stake Burnings

Coliseum Lions Christians

Now All Of Most Yearning

To Savor and Smell


Curtain Call

Curtains – Fold Pull Them

All All – Away So

To Savor & Smell Them

All & All


& Again…

Dead Be Crowding In

                                                                                                                                                          Dead Be Crowding In

(c) Leo G Campbell      3/26/2020       2/11/2020

Dead Be Crowding In

Folks When


Work Or

Everyday Fool

Or Then So Soon Taken

I Saw Some On Tee Vee

Gone To Be Forgotten

Took Away To

Some Other Day

Gotta A

Pay Phone Land Line To


Down Near My Street Corner –

Some A The Dead, You Know Call

Sorta Just To

“Just’a Me Doing Check In” Say The Dead

“The Dead Haf’ta Check In” Says HQ

On That Land Line Pay Tel- E Phone:

“How’s Youse Livin’ Doin'”

“Doin’ Dead is My

Very Oldest Profession”

I Knew I’d Pay Fer My Sins


Thought I’d Get My Pay Tel- E Phone

Call In From


We Gotta Here In

We Gots Goin’ When

Th’ “HellTown Saloon” Hell I Say

Whilst On Th’ Pay Line Tel E Phone…

See… Here In Th’…

“Helltown Saloon”

John Lennon & Satan

Sitting At

Lennon’s Poker Table

John Lennon

Dead Human

Satan Alive Angels

Live Condemned Bad Angel

Dead And Alive –

Playing Table Poker Cards

To Win

Whilst Staring Together When

“HellTown Saloon’s” Then

John Lennon’s Poker Table

Not Gone To

Dead Keep Crowding In


For Shout’n Out – Loud

For Shout’n Out – Loud

(c) Leo G Campbell      3/24/2020

For Shout’n Out Loud

From My Prison

My Screamin’ Out

Alla Them Damn

Bars Dives Steel I See Real

Lightning En-

Hand Down




The Ground Go On…

Lightnings Bolting Hip Dancing

Bolting Zap Zip


My Hands

Walls Squeeeze ‘n Me In

Los’n My – No, It’sa

Lost Gone…  Freedom

As Man Woman Child

Should Have – Be –

Free To

Have Life’s Path

Open To… BeeA

Whole Human Soul



A MonDay TuesDay Day

A MonDay TuesDay Day

(c) Leo G Campbell       3/27/20/20       3/23/2020

A MonDay TuesDay Day

Same Falling Gray Rain

Some On And On I

See On My Mirroring

Window Only Me


My Pouring Flowing… Down

Streams Streaming –

My Silvering Gray Rain

Monday Tuesday Thoughts

In Season

Never The Same Only

Wandering Reason


Silvering Streaming

Some Gravity Of It –

Pulling Down…

Gray Rain

My Gravity


Mental Strain